My first name is Phil; my surname is Freizinger, which means ‘free singer’ or minstrel

It is a name which has been handed down through five generations of Austro-Hungarian composers and performers

I am an independent, creative musician who earns a living by taking my music directly to people.

Using electronics to create the live treated sounds of four flutes, I have spent twenty years developing an array of customised electronic effects to create my sound.

My music is known for its relaxing, melodious beauty. Haunting melodies are combined with echoes, treatments, layering and phasing to create a rich, contrapuntal texture. What may be less well-known is the story telling nature of the music, for my compositions are intended not only to evoke moods, feelings and places but also people and incidents.

A festival favourite at the Edinburgh Fringe, and a success at other international festivals, my music has become well known and used regularly on Radio and TV.